The ideal for your strolls in family


Registered in on the list of the sites of the world heritage by the UNESCO December 7th, 1996, this fantastic work the principle of which goes back to the antiquity(antique) stayed during centuries in the state of project. Only the tenacity of a man, Pierre Paul Riquet, will get through(overcome) this crazy idea: create then feed a 240 km long, wide artificial stream from 10 to 20 meters and deep of 2 connecting(binding) the Garonne and thus the Atlantic Ocean in the Mediterranean Sea with the technical and topographic means of the XVIIth century, at the time of Louis XIV.


By walking

The walk along the Canal du Midi is probably the simplest and the most approachable way means to discover and contemplate the natural landscapes of this remarkable work by taking advantage of the shade of plane trees, within the framework of a pleasant walk in couple or in family on towpaths.

By bicycle

The Green Way of the Canal du Midi offers to the travelers of strolls adapted to circulate on a bicycle. The cycle route spreads out on a distance of 250 km, including 65 km in Tarn et Garonne. This cycle track, borrowed only, for two or in family, was fitted out on the former(old) towpaths and guarantees a total safety because the way is specially reserved for the not motorized travels.

By boat

The Browsing on the canal is made at the rate of locks. Lined with plane trees, cypress and pines, which will bring you a delicious freshness under the sun of the South, Canal du Midi winds in the middle of vineyards, at the foot of the black mountains.